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A Cowboy's Code

I’m starting this year off with an article published in the Epoch Times written by a 72-year-old cowboy named Jerry Sinor. He talks about the rules of being a cowboy. I thought they were interesting and hadgreat application for all of us. Rule #1 applies only to us guys. The other twelve are for all of us to think about.

20 Things We Should Say More Often

I recently saw a newsletter sent out by Jon Gordon that got my attention. His message centered on things that should be said to others more often. I hope you’ll take the time to read his list and then think of people you know that could use some of these words. They are out there.

Weight Loss Challenge

Ever play the DO OVER game, the “What if I had a second chance to go back and do something again?” Of course you have. Everybody has. That’s what the experts call one of the normal maturation steps of gaining experience and wisdom. Oh, by the way, those two words can often have two distinctly different meanings in this example. That’s what we call a tease. 

Crack Some Eggs

Here’s what I want us to think about today. Ever thought about taking a shortcut to accomplish something that needed to be done? Don’t kid yourself. Of course, you have. I have. Everyone has. Not only have we thought about it, but we’ve chosen that shortcut. 

Who Packed Your Parachute?

How many people in your life have been involved in “packing your parachute?” Who are those people that have helped develop you, encourage you, support you, and have been there for you when you needed them? I hope you’ll give that question some thought this month and begin the process of reaching out to these people and thank them. And oh yeah, let them know- “It worked.”