Weight Loss Challenge

“Don’t let your yesterday take too much of your today.” Will Rogers

Ever play the DO OVER game, the “What if I had a second chance to go back and do something again?” Of course you have. Everybody has. That’s what the experts call one of the normal maturation steps of gaining experience and wisdom. Oh, by the way, those two words can often have two distinctly different meanings in this example. That’s what we call a tease. 

We only have one life movie reel to look at and that is our own. Like me, have you had countless times where you played back a specific scenario and said, “What was I thinking? Why in the world did I do that without thinking about some of the obvious consequences?”

Some of those choices were probably selfish. Others showed a lack of maturity. Some we clearly just didn’t think through, and a few could just be chalked up to inexperience.

Because we are human, we are going to make decisions that result in having those “do over” fantasies later in life. We can’t avoid some of that. What we can avoid is carrying those regrets, those anchors, those prior mistakes into our present and future. Not only are we carrying that weight around with us, we are suffering from the internal bleeding that results from beating ourselves up about those decisions.

Here’s your action item for this month. What baggage are you carrying around with you related to poor decisions in the past? Write them down on a sheet of paper. Then cross through each one of them with a pen. The final step is to tear that sheet of paper up into small pieces and throw it in the trash where it belongs.

Think of this exercise as a quick weight loss plan!

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