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What is the objective of the program?
There are a lot of definitions for leadership but the role of a Leader or Leadership Team in a business or an organization comes down to two things:

 Optimize the consistent performance of your organization in an ethical manner
 Develop your people

The objective of the Leadership Signature Workshop to help address both components of that definition.
Who should participate?
The program is designed for members of an organization’s leadership team. It can include multiple levels of leaders within the organization. The optimum group size is 8-30 participants.
What are the delivery options?

Our program is offered in two deliverable formats.

Jack Williams, the developer of the program, will utilize his leadership experience and knowledge of the
program’s content and lead the program in person on your site.

The second option is to utilize the video model and facilitator guide. In this option, the Leader uses the facilitator guide and the video and leads the workshop.
What will participants learn?

The program is broken into two workshop components- Personal and Leadership Team / Organization.

In the personal session, participants will focus their efforts on personal development. The goal of this
session is for them to achieve the following objectives:

  • Understand who they are by understanding their true values, priorities, and beliefs
  • Be able to define what success looks like in the key areas of their life
  • Be willing to confront reality in their personal life and act accordingly
  • Be able to develop a more thorough decision- making process for personal decisions
These objectives will be accomplished through a series of interactive exercises.

By helping each member of your Leadership Team understand how to be the best they can be as a
person, the organization obviously benefits as well.

In the Leadership Team / Organization session, these same participants will turn their focus to how to
optimize the organization’s performance. They will work through the same type of exercises but
concentrate on looking at each of these areas from an organizational perspective rather than a personal

  • Develop their “We Believe” list of the values, priorities, and beliefs that will guide their organization
  • Define what success looks like in the key areas of the organization
  • Address areas in the organization where they may not be facing reality
  • Develop a more thorough decision -making process for corporate related decision
How long is the workshop?
Each component (Personal and Leadership Team /Organization) is two hours in length. The program is
designed to conduct both sessions in the same workshop to benefit from the continuity of discussion.

If the video option is chosen, the workshop can be broken into smaller segments if time is an issue.

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