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In 1993, the IDEALS Foundation, a 501-c-3 educational foundation, was created to offer a proprietary signature curriculum based on life fundamentals and leadership skills enabling young people to be more effective leaders and positive role models. Our programs are designed to focus on high school students who have shown the desire to better equip themselves to be positive leaders and who want to make a difference in their schools, their teams and in the lives of those they influence.

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Next Step Program

The Next Step Program is an IDEALS program. In 2016, the Georgia Department of Education asked IDEALS and Cindy Haygood to develop a Soft Skills program for the Career Tech students in Georgia. IDEALS developed the Principles for Performance Video series and Cindy contributed Etiquette from her Employability Tool Kit. As a result of the interest in this program, the Georgia State Board asked IDEALS and Cindy Haygood to expand the program to be available for all students in Georgia. The Next Step program was created in 2018 and rolled out in 2019.

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Timbridge Group

The Timbridge Group (TBG) is a Professional Development firm that works with businesses in the areas of: Professional and Personal Development, Team Dynamics and Effectiveness, Development of Future Leaders, Professional Development of First Level Supervisory Leaders. All of TBG’s workshops are personalized to the client’s unique situation and objectives. A unique component of all TBG’s workshops is the organized plan shared with the client company to insure follow up on the workshop participants integrating what they learned into their area of responsibility. TBG’s goal is for every client to optimize the return on their investment in the development of their people.

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