The Question

A Guide to Answering Life's MOST Important Question
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What do you believe?

Jack Williams shares his personal journey that began in 1993 to determine the values, principles and beliefs that would guide his life. Whether you are a spouse, parent, grandparent, friend, leader, educator, coach, or mentor, Jack’s I Believe statements apply to all of the roles he plays during his lifetime and can do the same for you. Jack Williams, a former Ga Tech quarterback, college coach, businessman and social entrepreneur, shares his personal journey that began in 1993 to determine the values, principles, and beliefs that would guide all aspects of his life. Jack’s message applies to ALL people, ages, and careers. It’s an easy read with compelling stories, enjoyable humor, and sincere transparency.

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“Jack Williams has written a transformative book that can only be described as thought provoking, transparent, humble, and full of common-sense advice to every person regardless of age or profession. I strongly recommend it – I only wish I had read it 40 years ago!”
- Brent Reid CEO, Winter Companies
“Jack Williams’ THE Question book and “I Believe” list provides a wonderful roadmap for a life of integrity and purpose. Jack’s life learnings in sports, business, and leadership development serve the reader well in their pursuit of success and purpose in all phases of life.”
- Vance Bell CEO, Shaw Industries
"Jack has inspired me, my family, my athletic staff, and thousands of others through his various leadership programs. He is a man of uncommon and uncompromised priorities with a purposeful desire to make a positive influence in the lives of others. In THE Question, Jack writes about establishing and integrating one’s beliefs into every aspect of their life. He reveals profound principles for living and being an impactful role model. It is an easy read with many practical applications and interesting stories. I’m certain it will improve the professional and personal life of all who read it."
- Dexter Wood, Athletic Director, Buford, GA

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The Gwinnett Daily Post

By Will Hammock
December 7, 2021

The list that guides Jack Williams’ life originated from a 1993 jog around his neighborhood.Listening to a tape, he had a life-changing breakthrough.“The topic was on principles,” the longtime Lawrenceville resident said. “I knew what principles meant, but I looked it up, a code of conduct, something sacred, it’s kind of what you believe in. I thought, ‘I’ve never really taken the time to put into writing what I believe in.’ Not being the brightest guy in the room, I said, ‘Well, I’ll just start writing sentences that begin with I believe and whatever comes to mind, I’ll do it.’ I did that for about 4 1/2 months and I ended up with 60 some odd items on the list.”

The list became a fixture from that point.“If I had just written a list, it’s just a list sitting in a drawer somewhere, so I made a commitment to read that list every morning before going to work as a reminder, ‘Alright big boy, this is what you said you believe. Now are your actions going to support your belief?’” Williams said. “It was a work in progress. I wasn’t following through on them all. I did that for 11 years straight. I didn’t miss a day, whether I was traveling, in town, whatever. After 11 years, I decided to start each week with it on Monday. So I’ve got 28 years running of reading it every day or every Monday. Lord willing, I’ll continue to do that.”Williams’ list of the values, principles and beliefs...READ MORE

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