Season 4 | Episode 4

Better Connecting the World & Giving Back as an Entrepreneur
with Jean Marie Richardson

Released on Apple Podcasts and Spotify on March 14, 2023

In the fourth episode of our fourth season, Jack speaks with Jean Marie Richardson. Jean Marie is the President and CEO of iFOLIO and a Georgia Tech alumna. Prior to founding iFOLIO, Jean Marie developed products and grew businesses at Oracle, Microsoft, and MasterCard. Jean Marie incorporated iFOLIO in 2016. Today iFOLIO has customers, business partners, capital, patents, trademarks, and helps companies and users go digital with communications. While Jack and Jean Marie discuss her entrepreneurship path and iFOLIO, Jean Marie takes the discussion further into what it means to not only better connect the world as an entrepreneur but what it means to give back. Listen to this episode with Jack and Jean Marie as they talk about the technology world, entrepreneurship, legacy, and giving back.

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