Season 4 | Episode 8

Living Life On and Off the Court with Phil Ford

Released on Apple Podcasts and Spotify on April 18, 2023

In the eighth episode of our fourth season, Jack speaks with Michy Morillo. Michy is an author, youth coach, and wildly successful keynote speaker (despite her rough start in life). Michy was once a delinquent teenager and got kicked out of high school. But she didn't let that stop her! After serving time in the juvie justice system and honing her skills in graphic design, Michy went on to have a smashing 20-year career. Now, Michy is using her unique experiences to help other young people who might be struggling. Michy is determined to be a positive influence on the lives of youth. Listen to this episode with Jack and Michy about her journey and how she is impacting you.

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